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what is CCSPE?

Canadian Chinese Political Participation and Voting Promotion Alliance (English name) is a public welfare organization legally registered in BC on April 26, 2017. In view of the fact that Chinese people need to vote in the three-tier government elections in Canada and major matters related to the people’s livelihood. 

For the problem of low voter turnout, we established the Canadian Chinese Voting Alliance for Political Participation (referred to as the Chinese Voting Alliance). The Chinese Voting League is an open and inclusive non-profit organization that does not represent any political party or individual. It aims to encourage Chinese to exercise civic rights, fulfill civic responsibilities and obligations, and actively vote to increase Chinese turnout! Use votes to express Chinese political demands and choices. Identifies and promotes multicultural unity in Canada. Chinese people do not engage in nationalism and do not engage in Chinese first. Focus on Canadian politics and not talk about politics outside North America. Popularize Canadian political knowledge, and actively organize and mobilize Chinese to participate in the three-tier government of Canada and various parties and elections involving people's livelihood and public opinion. Use votes to express our concern, concern and attitude towards politics and the government.


           加拿大华人参政议政促进投票联盟(英文名字)是于2017年4 月26 日在BC省依法注册的公益组织。鉴于华人在加拿大三级政府选举和有关社会民生等重大事项需要投票时,华人投票率过低的问题,我们成立了加拿大华人参政议政促进投票联盟(简称华人投 票联盟)。华人投票联盟是一个不代表任何政党和个人开放包容的非牟利组织,旨在推 动华人行使公民权力、履行公民责任和义务,积极投票提高华人投票率!用选票表达华人的政治诉求和选择。认同和提倡加拿大多元文化团结华人不搞民族主义,不搞华人优先。重点关注加拿大政治不谈北美以外地区的政治。普及加拿大政治知识,积极组织动员华人参与加拿大三级政府和各党内及涉及民生民意的选举投票。用选票表达我们对政治、政府的关注、关心与态度。

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